SUNSETHIGH at Malolam ft. Crazy P Soundsystem

Posted: Sep 18 2015


SUNSETHIGH // New Sunset project at the new MALO ALTO. Quality beats provided by Late Night Social Club & Elevenivy during the best Sunset view in west El Paso.


|||| CRAZY P SOUNDSYSTEM |||| United Kingdom ///

Like another UK house and disco pioneer Greg Wilson, Crazy P have managed to both uphold the heritage of soul, musicianship and song writing that is an essential part of the fabric of house and disco, and also stay current, letting those fundamental elements of the sound inform and mark out their takes on the club floors and younger audiences that they consistently turn inside out.

FREE G.A. - Malolam Lower Level →

Limited Sunset View Level - $10 & $15 →

Table Reservations →

Doors open at 5:30 - Crazy P Soundsystem set 7 pm
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